Partner Organisations

The Localisation Research Centre would like to thank the following partner organisations for their suppport and their contributions of cutting edge Localisation software to the University of Limerick's post-graduate Software Localisation programmes and the LOTS initiatives.


Agile Web Solutions Ltd. develops specialized business information, workflow, and project management solutions for companies that need to manage language-related projects.  It offers professional IT and customization services.

Agile Web’s flagship product, LTC Worx, is a cutting edge business tool that helps language service providers, SMEs as well as corporate and public sector language service departments manage language-related projects efficiently. Inspired by key players in the field of translation and localization, it helps you know the state of your organization by centralizing business-critical information. Automate what you can, control what you need – with LTC Worx.

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The Pioneer of Visual Localization Solutions

Alchemy Software Development is the leading provider of visual localization tools. Alchemy CATALYST is the world's most recognized visual localization technology with 80% of the world's largest software companies using Alchemy CATALYST to accelerate entry to international markets, improve revenue growth opportunities, and reduce their costs.

With over 25,000 licenses worldwide, Alchemy CATALYST is the dominant choice among professional development companies, localization service providers, and global technology leaders including Siemens, Symantec, Philips, AOL, Citrix and Canon.

Alchemy CATALYST 7.0 is an Object Oriented localization environment that supports every aspect of the localization workflow – from translation and project management, right through to localization engineering and testing. Alchemy CATALYST is the world's most recognized visual localization technology, with 80% of the world's largest software companies using Alchemy CATALYST to accelerate entry to international markets, improve revenue growth opportunities, and reduce costs.

Alchemy PUBLISHER 2.0 is an advanced solution for translation of content-rich and document-rich file formats. Alchemy PUBLISHER 2.0 reduces desktop publishing costs (DTP) as layout information is also stored and re-used from the translation memory. This enables the translator to focus on the accuracy and precision of translation, helping organizations improve on quality and consistency of content.

Alchemy Language Exchange is an Internet-enabled, high-performance Translation Memory (TM) database server. Powered by Microsoft SQ



Kilgray is a Hungarian company which provides technology for the language industry. The company was established in 2004 and released the first version of  MemoQ  in 2005. All of Kilgray's developments have translators and language service providers at the center: every member of the core Kilgray team has experience in translation, quality assurance or translation project management. The company has a strong focus on supporting teams and collaborative translation. The networked translation tools are carefully designed to support the needs of small translators' teams and larger enterprises alike.

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MemoQ and MemoQ Server

MemoQ is a concept-based, Integrated Localisation Environment (ILE) that conforms to the translators' way of thinking. Developed by a team of industry professionals and dedicated language technologists, MemoQ lets you add velocity, consistency, raise quality and lower costs in your translation processes.

MemoQ Server unleashes the full power of collaboration and offer unparalleled networking with access to distributed resources. From the outset, MemoQ was designed with the workflow in mind. Flexible licensing constructions and unique customization allow you to make the most out of your investment.

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LTC provides cutting-edge and validated language technology, product localization and translation services that accelerate time to market, create new global revenue opportunities, expand worldwide brands and drastically reduce operational costs.

LTC is a leader in providing high value translation technology, translation services and, product localization services to the global enterprise. LTC delivers high value and practical translation solutions that accelerate time to market, create new global revenue opportunities, expand worldwide brands, and drastically reduce operating costs.

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We would like to thank Memsource for granting us free access to their platform through the Memsource Academic Edition.

Memsource offers a translation solution for everyone. Whether you yourself translate or choose to outsource your translation, Memsource can help you make the process more efficient. Some of the world’s largest translation agencies and enterprise translation departments rely on Memsource to optimize their translation productivity.



Plunet GmbH, based in Berlin and Würzburg - Germany, is a leading provider of business and workflow management software for the translation and documentation industry. Since 2003 Plunet develops the best possible business and workflow platform for the translation industry with a team of highly specialised employees. In the process, each of our groundbreaking product developments is based on the three core competences of Plunet: automation, integration and quality, which are all packed with passion and technological expertise into Plunet BusinessManager.

Plunet BusinessManager is a complete software solution for the translation and documentation sector. Using a web-based platform, the system offers an excellent tool for business, workflow and document management and integrates translation software, financial accounting systems as well as existing system environments for language service providers and corporate language departments.

Plunet BusinessManager features maximum automation and flexibility for professional users. Various functions and extensions of BusinessManager can be customized according to the individual requirements of the entire sector in an arbitrary modular system. The basic functions include offer, order and invoice management including financial reports, flexible job and workflow management as well as deadline, document and partner management. Within its own educational program Plunet Academy, Plunet supports the teaching and research at selected universities in various forms. More informations: