18th Annual LRC Internationalisation & Localisation Conference



23-25 September 2013

Castletroy Park Hotel
Limerick, Ireland

The 18th Annual Internationalisation and Localisation Conference organised by the Localisation Research Centre (LRC) will take place over three days from 23-25 September 2013 at the Carlton Castletroy Park Hotel in Limerick, Ireland.

The theme for the conference is New Horizons and the event will look at how commercial, government, educational, and civil society sectors all require access to language services. While some of their requirements can be different, there are many overlaps. LRC X8, for the first time, will bring these four sectors together getting them out of their silos and opening up new horizons.

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Keynote - "The Global Game"

The LRC is very happy to announce that Jack Shulman, Global Director of Information Design and Development, Sony Computer Entertainment, will be giving a keynote talk at the LRC X8 conference. His keynote will be entitled "The Global Game".

As PlayStation products reach deeper into global markets in an era of increasing competitive intensity, demand is ramping to meet diverse consumer preferences at an increasingly personalized level.

This demand is requiring a new level of personal performance within product localization teams. The scope of this requirement includes enhanced insight into one’s self and one’s performance as a driver of empathic understanding of global consumers, and improved team performance.

In this way, the play between the personal and the global has become a sensitive variable governing the success of PlayStation product localization efforts, and competence at this “game” has become a key strategic corporate asset.

Making use of the gaming metaphor, and applying recent insights in the psychology of motivation, cognitive science and neurology, this talk takes a look at the link between personal insight and competition in a global arena.

About Jack Shulman

Jack Shulman

Jack Shulman is one of the earliest employees in Sony’s PlayStation business, having joined Sony Computer Entertainment in 1994. Currently, he is Global Director of Information Design and Development, a unit of Tokyo R&D.

Prior to joining Sony, Mr. Shulman was a management  consultant in business, technical and consumer communications within public and private sector organizations in education, finance and software development.

Mr. Shulman studied philosophy at UC Berkeley and holds an MBA from Oxford University

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