Thank You

Huge thanks to all those that took the time to attend and support the Translation Commons ( at Trommons '14 in London.

We are delighted that Trommons 2014 succeeded in its goal of bringing together volunteers, organisations, strategists, linguists, technologists, entrepreneurs and visionaries for two days of planning, collaboration and discussion. Take a look at the below video to get an overview of the event.

The Translation Commons is the non-market translation hub where thousands of language volunteers and those who require translation services for their non-profit projects collaborate.

Latest News

Schedule Updated

The Trommons ’14 Schedule has been updated. Check out the programme today for information on the pre-forum meet-up and the two days of the forum.

Make yourself heard

The Trommons ’14 Forum will be about YOUR interests. It will be about producing the outcomes that will make the Translation Commons a better environment for YOU to get high-impact translations or to volunteer your language expertise. The agenda of Trommons ’14 will be driven by you. YOU will shape the conversations and discussions that will take place at the […]

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Our Goal

Trommons ’14 will highlight the impact of nonmarket translation and serve as a forum to improve the usability, technology, and sustainability of the Translation Commons. We are extending an invitation to local and international participants from the translation and localisation world, language volunteers, nonprofit organisations, and the open source communities to join us and take part. Any proceeds from the event will be donated to The Rosetta Foundation.