Localisation Focus - Volume 14 - Issue 1

Localisation Focus - The International Journal of Localisation

  1. Teaching XLIFF to translators and localisers by Lucía Morado Vázquez, Jesús Torres del Rey 
  2. Leveraging NLP Technologies and Linked Open Data to Create Better CAT Tools by Chris Hokamp 
  3. XLIFF 2.0 and the Evolution of a Standard by Chase Tingley 
  4. Interoperability of XLIFF 2.0 Glossary Module and TBX-Basic by James Hayes, Sue Ellen Wright, David Filip, Alan Melby, Detlef Reineke 
  5. Using Semantic Mappings to Manage Heterogeneity in XLIFF Interoperability by Dave Lewis, Rob Brennan, Alan Meehan, Declan O’Sullivan 
  6. Advanced Validation Techniques for XLIFF 2 by Soroush Saadatfar, David Filip
  7. Towards a CAT tool agnostic standard for User Activity Data by John Moran, Dave Lewis

Vol 14 Issue 1 Cover