Localisation Focus Volume 12 Issue 1 available as free Download (7.3mb)

Localisation Focus Volume 12 Issue 1 available as free Download

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You can now download the latest edition of Localisation Focus - The International Journal of Localisation for free.

This special standards issue features the following papers.

  1. Localisation Standards for Joomla!: Translator-Oriented Localisation of CMS-Based Websites by Jesús Torres del Rey, Emilio Rodríguez V. de Aldana
  2. Interoperability Frankfurt-Madrid: ITS 2.0 CMS/TMS use case by Pedro L. Díez Orzas, Karl Fritsche, Mauricio del Olmo, Stephan Walter
  3. Generalizing ITS as an Interoperable Annotation Technique for Global Intelligent Content by Dave Lewis, Leroy Finn, Rob Brennan, Declan O’Sullivan, Alex O’Connor
  4. ITS2.0 and Computer Assisted Translation Tools by Pablo Porto, Dave Lewis, Leroy Finn, Christian Saam, John Moran, Anuar Serikov, Alex O’Connor
  5. Linport as a Standard for Interoperability Between Translation Systems by Alan K. Melby, Tyler A. Snow
  6. ITS 2.0 Validation Techniques by Jirka Kosek
  7. Process and Agent Classification Based Interoperability in the emerging XLIFF 2.0 standard by David Filip, Asanka Wasala
  8. Visualization of ITS 2.0 Metadata for Localization Process by Renat Bikmatov, Nathan Glenn, Serge Gladkoff, Alan Melby
  9. The Intricacies of Translation Memory Tools:With Particular Reference to Arabic-English Translation by Mohammad Ahmad Thawabteh