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Awarded Localisation Theses

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The following is a list of some of the localisation research theses awarded by the Localisation Research Centre (LRC).  Hard copies of additional theses that were submitted are available to researchers who contact us.

For more information on possible research topics and how to apply, click here


Adaptive Retrieval, Composition & Presentation of Closed-Corpus and Open-Corpus Information
Ben Steichen

(Download - 5976Kb - .PDF File)



The Integration of Machine Translation and Translation Memory
Yifan He

(Download - 1153Kb - .PDF File)



Resourcing Machine Translation with Parallel Treebanks
John Tinsley)

(Download - 1511Kb - .PDF File)



Lexical Syntax for Statistical Machine Translation
Hany Hassan)

(Download - 1039Kb - .PDF File)



Readability and Controlled Language: 
Does the study of readability have merit in the field of controlled language, 
and is readability increased by applying controlled-language rules to texts?

Patrick Cadwell)

(Download - 1039Kb - .PDF File)

2008 Runner Up

Data-Driven Machine Translation for Sign Languages (by

(Download - 1439Kb - .PDF File)



The Role of Online MT in Webpage Translation
Federico Gaspari)

(Download - 8180Kb - .PDF File)



Interactive Translation vs Pre-translation in the Context of Translation Memory Systems: 
Investigating the effects of translation method on productivity, quality and translator satisfaction

(by Julian Wallis)

(Download - 946Kb - .PDF File)



Adopting Standards Based XML file formats in Open Source Localisation
(by Asgeir Frimannsson)

(Download - 2200Kb - .PDF File)


Expanding the Scope of Localization: A Cultural Usability Perspective on Mobile Text Messaging Use in American and Chinese Contexts
(by Huatong Sun)

(Download - 2084Kb - .PDF File)


Metrics for Evaluating Translation Memory Software (MA)
(by Francie Gow)

(Download - 852Kb - .Doc File)


The Localisation Outsourcing Decision (MBA)
(by John Papaioannou)

(Download - 568Kb - .zip File)


Web Site Localisation and Internationalisation: 
a Case Study
(by Noelia Corte Fernández)

(Download - 680Kb .zip file)


A Paradigm for Creating Multilingual Interfaces (PhD)
(by Patrick O'Sullivan)

(Download - Needs Lotus Word Pro,256Mb .zip file)


An examination of the Impact of Subjective
Cultural Issues on the Usability of a Localised Web Site (MA)
(by Yvonne Cleary)

Please note, if not specified otherwise, all the downloadable files are saved as Word 2000 documents. If you have any problems downloading a file, please contact us

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