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The 17th Annual LRC Best Thesis Award

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Sponsored by Microsoft Ireland 

Previous Winners of this Award


Winner of the LRC Best Thesis Award 2013


Ruwan Asanka Wasala

for his PhD thesis entitled:


Lossless Exchange of Data:

Limitations of Localisation Data Exchange Standards and their Effect on Interoperability


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The Localisation Research Centre (LRC), at the University of Limerick, invites entries for the 2013 LRC Best Thesis Award. The LRC Best Thesis Award is an annual award given to the author of the best research publication in an area relevant to internationalisation and localisation.

Students who have completed a thesis on a relevant theme within the past two years are invited to submit their work to the LRC for consideration. Theses may be submitted prior to their degree award and will be judged by a panel of academic and industry experts.   The winner will receive a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet as a prize.

Reinhard Schäler, director of the LRC at the University of Limerick said: “Ireland is a world leader in software localisation, a multi-billion euro business that employs approximately 12,000 people in Ireland alone. Research is the lifeblood of this industry and the LRC Best Thesis Award, encourages researchers to address the issues faced by the localisation industry in order to sustain development of this key area, especially in the context of the emerging eContent industry. ”  

The scope of the thesis need not be confined to a technical area, and applications are also invited from students who are carrying out research into commercial and management aspects of the localisation industry. 

Possible areas of research might include:

bulletCollaborative Translation
bulletGlobal web design and content management
bulletMachine Translation and Computer-aided translation
bulletComputer Aided Translation
bulletPost Editing
bulletLocalisation Workflows
bulletTerminology databases
bulletSocial Localisation
bulletSoftware quality assurance and localisation 
bulletSoftware engineering for the international market
bulletProject management and localisation

The winner will receive a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and will be invited to attend and possibly present at the LRC Internationalisation and Localisation Conference as well as contribute a paper to Localisation Focus, The International Journal of Localisation.  

Should you wish to enter your thesis, please forward a copy (hard copy or electronic copy) together with your full contact details, a short CV (max. one page) and relevant information on the thesis to:

Localisation Research Centre – LRC
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS)
University of Limerick – National Technological Park - Limerick - Ireland
(Tel. +353-61-202881, email LRC@ul.ie)

By submitting their work authors acknowledge the right of the LRC to publish their work should it be awarded the LRC Best Thesis Award, or receive a special mention. 

Closing date for submission is 02 September 2013.


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