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March 2003

23rd Internationalisation and Unicode Conference

The 23rd Internationalisation and Unicode Conference (IUC23), to be held on 24-26 March 2003 in Prague, Czech Republic, promises to be a leading technical conference for both software and web internationalisation. The conference features tutorials, lectures, and panel discussions that provide coverage of standards, best practices, and recent advances in the globalisation of software and the Internet. Attendees benefit from the wide range of basic to advanced topics and the opportunities for dialog and idea exchange with experts in the field. There will also be demonstrations of best practices for designing applications that can accommodate any language. Click here for programme, registration and more information.

Logrus International Corporation chosen as the Lotus/IBM Software Engineering Supplier of the Year 2002 

Logrus International Corporation has been chosen by IBM Ireland Dublin Software Lab for recognition as the Lotus/IBM Software Engineering Supplier of the Year 2002 (category: Outsourced Localization Engineering).

From its production site located in Moscow, Logrus Russia provides software engineering for a variety of Lotus/IBM software projects, and has most recently been building, testing, and bug-fixing seven language releases of Lotus Notes 6.

Ellen McMahon, the Project Manager for Notes/Domino 6, said: "Outsourcing the testing and engineering of seven languages to Logrus helped us meet our delivery targets for the language versions. We work with a team of strong technical vendors and we value their input. What made Logrus stand out on this project was their technical knowledge, high quality standards, and the fact that they required little support from the internal engineering team at IBM - a welcome quality on a project of this size and complexity."  

EAMT/CLAW 2003 conference on Controlled Translation

Registration for the EAMT/CLAW 2003 conference on Controlled Translation, which will take place 15-17 May, in Dublin, Ireland, is now open. The closing date for early registration is fast approaching (March 31st). To avail of reduced registration rates, you should register now at http://www.eamt.org/eamt-claw03/register.html. To avail of special accommodation rates, you must book by April 1st. See http://www.eamt.org/eamt-claw03/accomodations.html for more information.

Xencraft 'Managing Localisation Projects' Workshop

XenCraft is offering a workshop on 'Managing Localisation Projects' in Prague on March 27, 2003. The workshop will run in conjunction with the 23rd Internationalisation and Unicode Conference (see above for details). 

Localise products efficiently to get the best possible return on investment and to enter markets quickly. XenCraft's workshop will train you and your staff to reduce localisation costs, improve time to market, and work effectively with localisation partners. Taught by Tex Texin. 

Visit http://www.xencraft.com/training/l10nmgmt.html for workshop details and registration information.

LogoMedia introduces TranslateDotNet

LogoMedia Corporation, a provider of software and subscription ASP services, launched its new on-line automatic translation service, called TranslateDotNet.

Based on LogoMedia's proprietary translation technology, TranslateDotNet offers on-line translations of 12 languages, namely English, Spanish, French, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian and Polish. Because all transactions are completed directly from the TranlateDotNet servers, subscribers always have access to the latest program upgrades and new information, in addition to dictionaries and linguistics data.

TranslateDotNet features four cooperating translation applications -- LogoTrans, Transit, Translation Mirror and FileTrans -- to handle all types of translation requirements. LogoTrans allows users to translate as they type. Transit can be used to translate short items and place them in another application, such as chat rooms and instant messaging.

Basis Technology introduces Rosette Arabic Language Analyzer

Basis Technology, a provider of globalisation software and services, has introduced the Rosette Arabic Language Analyzer (ARLA), the latest addition to Basis Technology's suite of Rosette Language Analyzers, which also includes products for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Developed in response to the needs of the US intelligence community, the new product is designed to plug into mainstream search engines and data mining products to facilitate search and retrieval of information written in Arabic, even when searching documents with terms which have been transcribed into the English alphabet.

The new product is a component of the Rosette Globalisation Platform, a software suite that enables multilingual information processing. 

Reduce translation costs by automating the localisation workflow

Dublin, Ireland, Frankfurt, Germany: 7th March 2003 — Alchemy Software Development and STAR Technology & Solutions, announced at the LISA Conference in San Francisco, the availability of the world’s first software localisation workflow solution. This is the first joint product release from both companies, since they signed a technology and co-development agreement in November of last year.

The Star Proactive Work Flow solution is now fully integrated with Alchemy CATALYST:Server Edition which focuses on automating the translation, engineering and testing of software applications. With the integration of Alchemy CATALYST 4.0, the premiere software localization technology and STAR Proactive, the most flexible workflow management technology, enterprises can now improve their time-to-market and reduce their localisation costs using these market leading localisation technologies.


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