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LRC Summer School 2012 - Various mentions


LRC XV (Computer Scope July 2010)

Indian Government Delegation Visit the LRC (Limerick Leader)

Keeping Localisation Local: 26 November 2006 (Sunday Independent)

research¦works (General write up on the LRC in the University of Limerick's research magazine)

Irish Daily Mail: 14 June 2006 (Google search for localisation project manager at UL)

InfoWorld cover the Google story (external link)

Irish Examiner: 14 June 2006 (Google search for localisation project manager at UL)

Computer Scope: June 2006

MultiLingual: April/May2006 (article on Reverse Localisation by LRC Director Reinhard Schäler)

Borneo Post: April 2006 (LRC Malaysia)

Limerick Chronicle: December 2005 (LRC Brasil)

Computer Scope: December 2005 (IGNITE Working Conference)

EGM Brasil #46: November 2005 (pg 19)

Sunday Independent: September 2005

openTALK: Winter 2004

Irish Times: October 2004

Irish Independent: September 2004

Computer Scope: August 2004

Irish Times: July 2004

Computer Scope: July 2004

Financial Times: June 1996

Address by Mr. Noel Treacy, TD,  at Localisation Checkpoint'99


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