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Localisation Focus–The International Journal of Localisation provides a forum for localisation professionals and researchers to discuss and present their localisation-related work, covering all aspects of this multi-disciplinary field, including software engineering and HCI, tools and technology development, cultural aspects, translation studies, human language technologies (including machine and machine assisted translation), project management, workflow and process automation, education and training, and details of new developments in the localisation industry. Proposed contributions are peer-reviewed thereby ensuring a high standard of published material. Localisation Focus–The International Journal of Localisation is distributed worldwide to libraries and localisation professionals, including engineers, managers, trainers, linguists, researchers and students. Indexed on a number of databases, this journal affords contributors increased recognition for their work. Localisation-related articles, book reviews, perspectives, insights and correspondence are all welcome.

Reverse Localisation

Volume 6 Issue 1


Author: Reinhard Schäler


This paper revises the general perception that localisation is about linguistic and cultural adaptation of digital content to the requirements of foreign markets; that localisation is successful if the origin of the material can no longer be detected. We will show that in a more and more globalised society (not just economy) publishers, and especially publishers of advertisements, play with 'strangeness' and stereotypes. For example, there are advertisements running completely in French on Irish television and radio advertisements in English-speaking countries that are completely in German (or in English with heavy German accents). Rather than adapting to the culture of the target country, rather than avoiding differences, in these cases publishers highlight the differences, focus on 'strangeness', introduce (rather than avoid) accents, embrace cultural diversity rather than avoid it - and all that to increase sales. As a complimentary, pleasant and valuable by-product, the entertainment value for the consumer increases significantly.

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