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Localisation Focus–The International Journal of Localisation provides a forum for localisation professionals and researchers to discuss and present their localisation-related work, covering all aspects of this multi-disciplinary field, including software engineering and HCI, tools and technology development, cultural aspects, translation studies, human language technologies (including machine and machine assisted translation), project management, workflow and process automation, education and training, and details of new developments in the localisation industry. Proposed contributions are peer-reviewed thereby ensuring a high standard of published material. Localisation Focus–The International Journal of Localisation is distributed worldwide to libraries and localisation professionals, including engineers, managers, trainers, linguists, researchers and students. Indexed on a number of databases, this journal affords contributors increased recognition for their work. Localisation-related articles, book reviews, perspectives, insights and correspondence are all welcome.

Applying Digital Content Management to Support Localisation

Volume 8 Issue 1


Author: Alexander O'Connor, Séamus Lawless, Dong Zhou, Gareth J. F. Jones, Vincent Wade


The retrieval and presentation of digital content such as that on the World Wide Web (WWW) is a substantial area of research. While recent years have seen huge expansion in the size of web-based archives that can be searched efficiently by commercial search engines, the presentation of potentially relevant content is still limited to ranked document lists represented by simple text snippets or image keyframe surrogates. There is expanding interest in techniques to personalise the presentation of content to improve the richness and effectiveness of the user experience. One of the most significant challenges to achieving this is the increasingly multilingual nature of this data, and the need to provide suitably localised responses to users based on this content. The Digital Content Management (DCM) track of the Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) is seeking to develop technologies to support advanced personalised access and presentation of information by combining elements from the existing research areas of Adaptive Hypermedia and Information Retrieval. The combination of these technologies is intended to produce significant improvements in the way users access information. We review key features of these technologies and introduce early ideas for how these technologies can support localisation and localised content before concluding with some impressions of future directions in DCM.

Keywords: Digital Content Management, Information Retrieval, Adaptive Hypermedia, Content Analysis, Open- Corpus Content, Multilingual Technologies

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