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Localization Reader 2003–2004

Table of Contents

The Cultural Dimension in Software Localisation (Reinhard Schäler)

Impact of Translation Web Services (Jaap Van der Meer) 9
Documentation Localisation Costs (Damian Scattergood) 13
Comparing Tools Used in Software Localization (Thomas Waßmer) 17
The Bible as a Resource for Translation Software (Jeff Allen) 23
Localisation in South Asia (Pat Hall, Tapan Parikh, Shailey Minocha & Venkatesh Hariharan) 29
L10n and I18n: Dealing With the Difficulties (Barry Caplan) 33
Pragmatics of English-Spanish Localisation (Montserrat Bermúdez Bausela) 37
Chinese Script Simplification (Thomas Emerson) 41
.NET Internationalization: RegionInfo and TextInfo Classes (Bill Hall) 47
Creating Intrernationalization Quality Assurance Teams (Gabriella Spatolisano) 51
Translation Is Not Enough (Alvin Yeo) 55
TMX Implementation in Major Translation Tools (Jost Zetzsche) 59
An Introduction to Using XLIFF (Yves Savourel) 63
The .NET Classes StringInfo and TextElementEnumerator (Bill Hall) 71
Complying With European Language Requirements (Aidan Collins) 77
The Use of XML in Localization (Hans-Günther Höser) 81
Comparative Review of Four Localization Tools (Thomas Waßmer) 85
Localisation Outsourcing: Where to Draw the Line? (John Papaioannou) 91
Do TM Systems Compare Apples and Pears? (Philippe Mercier) 93
A Little Paranoia Can Go a Long Way (I) (Roman Civin) 99
Managing Translation for Communities in NYC (Debbie Folaron & Igor Vesler) 103
New Organizations Serve the Localization Industry (Nancy A. Locke) 107
Games Localization: Production and Testing (Helen Trainor) 111
ELECT Online Offers Information (Michael Bourke) 115
A Little Paranoia Can Go a Long Way (II) (Roman Civin) 119

Can Productivity Gains Continue? (Tex Texin)   

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