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Localization Reader 2004–2005

Table of Contents

Country/Region Focus

Africa: Localization in African Languages (Russell Shanglee) 7
Brazil: Localizing for Brazil (Fabiano Cid) 11
Central and Eastern Europe: Localization in Central and Eastern Europe (Libor Safar) 15
France: Localisation in France (Sylke Denfeld) 19
Iran: Localisation in Iran (Mazeiar Salehie, Ehsaneh Vilataj and Mohammad Azadnia) 21
Italy: Localisation in Italy (Luigi Muzii) 23
Sweden: Localisation in Sweden (Yvonne Blomberg) 25

Multilingualism at Economic and Political Levels

Translation Technology at the United Nations (Bob McCallum) 27
Collaborative Translation for Europe’s Central Banks (Ingrid Haussteiner) 31

Translation and Linguistic Issues

Translators Without Borders (Lori Thicke) 37
Extracting Useful Information From TM Databases (Francie Gow, Best Thesis Winner) 41
Getting More From Translation Memory (Shailendra Musale) 45
Working with Translation Memory (Steve Iverson) 49
Controlled Languages in the Localisation Industry (Enrique Torrejon Celia Rico) 53
A New Dawn for MT? (Reinhard Schäler) 57
Issues in Japanese Information Retrieval (Jack Halpern) 59

Localisation Process

Engineering Global Software (Pat O’ Sullivan, Maria Hyland) 63
Software Localisation: Outsourcing or in-house? A hybrid model (Noemí Fluixà) 67
Strategic Knowledge Management For the Localization industry (Janaina Wittner) 69

QA Testing

What on Earth is H10N? (Joseph Deignan) 73
Is Quality Still fashionable? (Philippe Pailhé) 77
Internationalization Software Testing (Andrea Vine) 81
Multilingual Testing on Multiple Platforms (Roman Civin) 87

Localization: Technical Issues

Opening up the World (Joseph Deignan) 91
Localization with .NET and Java (Bill Hall) 93
Technical and Language Issues in ERP Localization (Bert Esselink) 101
Integrating Localization Processes with Software Development (Erich Shildhauer) 105


Winner of the Best Global Website (Mats Wennerholm) 109
Content Design Considerations for Localizing E-Learning Projects (Robert Pfremmer) 113


Localizing Movies and Broadcasting (David Shadbolt) 117
Tools For Localizing Multimedia Applications (Thomas Waßmer) 121
Applications for Speech Technology (David Shadbolt) 125

Business & Legal


Translation is the law (Donald A. DePalma) 129
Pricing Translation and Localization Services (John Freivalds) 131


Relighting IGNITE (Ray Hudson) 133

Personal Profile

Guidelines, Education & Outreach (Richard Ishida) 135



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