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Localisation Reader 2005–2006

Table of Contents

Country/Region Focus

Africa: African Languages and Information and Communication Technology: Localising the Future (Donald Z. Osborn) 9
Middle East: Arabic Orthography vs. Arabic OCR (Muhammad Atiyya) 17
Afghanistan and Pakistan: Computing in Pashto Europe (Craig Kopris) 21
Australia: Localisation in Australia (James M. Hogan) 25
Brazil: Localisation in Brazil (Jose Eduardo De Lucca) 27
Pakistan: Localisation in Pakistan (Dr Sarmad Hussain & Sana Gul) 29
South Africa: Localisation in South Africa (Dr Kim Wallmach) 31
Asia: Localizing Indic Language Websites (John O'Shea & Lindsay Johnson) 35
China: Outsourcing Localization to China (Jacques Vallin) 39
Canada: The Internet Changes Languages of Nunavut (David Shadbolt) 43

Tools and Technologies

Comparing Terminology Checkers (Angelika Zerfass) 47
Countdown to Ignition (Karl Kelly) 51
Encoding Conversion in the .NET Platform (Yves Savourel) 53
Localization in .NET: A Console Example (Bill Hall) 59
Localization in .NET: A Windows Forms Example (Bill Hall) 65
Localization of Concepts for Search Retrieval (Monika MacGuffie & Anna Bjarnestam) 71
Testing TMX Import/Export in Several Translation Tools (Angelika Zerfass) 75
Translation Technology in Spain: The Observatorio de Tecnologías de la Traducción (OTT) (Ceila Rico & Enrique Torrejon) 79

Open Source

Open Source Globalization Tool Kit (Bill Rich & Stephane Plihon) 83
Open Source Software and Localization (Frank Bergmann) 87

Web Services and the Semantic Web

An Introduction to the Semantic Web (Jeremy J. Carroll) 91
Web Services and Internationalization (Addison P. Phillips) 97
Web Services and Globalization Management (Peter Reynolds) 103

Business and Strategy

Conceptualising the Future of Translation with Localisation (Minako O'Hagan) 107
Creating Worldwide Brand Recognition? (Leon Z. Lee) 113
Globalisation as Localisation: A Model for MEasuring Cultural Diversity (Garry Muddyman) 119
Localisation Testing for European Languages in China (Jacob Hsu, Gunar Kasimir & Karen Drust) 121
Online Games Bridge Languages and Cultures (Debbie Folaron & Philippe Caignon) 125
"Optimum-Cost-Ware" in Translator Training for the Localisation Market (Manuel Mata) 131
Productivity vs. Quality (Lynne Bowker) 133
Setting Up Local Sales Channels (Menno C. Robert) 141
Taking Care of Global Business (Ultan Ó Broin) 145
The Geopolitics of Content Development (Tom Edwards) 151

Processes, Concepts and Organisations

Globalising Localisation Training: Academic Curricular Review (Romina L. Marazzato) 157
The 2004 LRC Best Global Website Award (Karl Kelly) 161
The Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP) in 2005 (Karl Kelly) 163
Understanding the Localisation process of Mobile Text Messaging on a Cultural Circuit (Huatong Sun) 165



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