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The LRC comprises a director, faculty members, staff and research students. In addition, it has a number of associates who are linked with the centre through particular projects and activities. To see a biography and contact details, just click on any name.


Reinhard Schäler: M.A. Romance Philology (Cologne), Dip. Hispanic Studies (Salamanca), Dip. Advanced Computer Programming (TCD) (Centre Director)


Keane, Anne: B.A. English (UCG), M.A. English (Simon Fraser)
McElligott, Annette: B.Sc. (UL), M.Sc. (UL)
Ó Néill, Gearóid: B.Sc. (Strathclyde), A.F.I.M.A., M.B.C.S.
Sutcliffe, Richard F. E.: B.Sc. (St. And.), Ph.D. (Essex)


Harrahill, Geraldine:
Kelly, Karl: B.A in European Studies (UL) and Grad. Dip. Software Localisation (UL)

Former Staff/Research Students

Bargary, Kevin: B.Sc. Computer Systems (UL)
Bourke, Michael: B.Sc. Computer Systems (UL)

Bohan, Edel:

Brazil, Keith: 
Cascales, Remedios Ruiz: B.A. Linguistics, B.A. French & Computing, Post-Grad. Psycho-Pedagogy, Grad. Dip. Software Localisation 
Cheung, Joanne: B.Sc. Applied Maths and Computing (UL) and Grad. Dip. Software Localisation (UL)
Coffey, Deirdre:
 B.A. Language and Cultural Studies (UL) and Grad. Dip. Software Localisation (UL)
Cleary, Róisín: B.A. English & History of Art (UCD), B.A. Arts Administration (UCG), Grad. Dip. Software Localisation (UL)
Cleary, Yvonne: B.A. Applied Languages (DCU)
Fanning, Patrice: B.A. Languages with Computing(Limerick)
Guzmán, Rafael: B.A. English (Seville); Grad.Dip. Software Localisation (Limerick)
Haas, Angelika:
  B.Sc Computing and Economics (CDI Stuttgart)
Keogan, Thomas: B.Sc. Eng. (TCD), Grad. Dip. Business Studies (UCD), and Grad. Dip. Technical Communication (UL)
McCarthy, Adrienne: B.A. Business (UL), Grad. Dip. Software Localisation (UL)
McDonagh, Bernice:
McDonagh, Conor:
Ó Slatara, Antóin: B.Sc. in Geology (UCG) and a Grad. Dip.Software Localisation (UL)
Slattery, Darina:
B.B.S. (French) (UL), M.Sc. Software Localisation (UL)
Wybrants, Helen:

Biographies & Contact Details

Reinhard Schäler, Director, LRC.  He received an M.A. in Romance Philology from Cologne University in 1985, Diploma in Hispanic Studies from the University of Salamanca in 1981 and a Diploma in Advanced Computer Programming from Trinity College Dublin in 1989. He is also Director of the Localisation Research Centre at the University of Limerick and was Chair of the National Software Directorate's Software Localisation Interest Group (SLIG). He has been working in the Irish Software Localisation Industry for the past 8 years as a translator, software engineer and Language Technology Consultant. 
He has evaluated the more successful of the currently available machine translation tools for his clients and was involved in a number of large scale localisation projects using MAT tools in Europe, the US and South America. He was one of the organisers of the First Irish Conference on Language Technology in 1993, co-chaired the International Workshop on Machine Translation (1994) and organised a number of  Software Localisation Conferences in Ireland: SLIG'95, SLIG'96, SLIG'97 and SLIG'98, CheckPoint'99, Localisation of Knowledge - Knowledge of Localisation, and eLocalisation 2001. He is the co-ordinator of the Irish Translators' Association InfoTech Network and has published a number of journal articles and conference papers on localisation topics.

His personal research interests are in machine translation (MT); localisation technology and process development; testing and cultural issues in eContent localisation. 

He is a member of the editorial board of Multilingual Computing, editor of Localisation Focus, a lecturer at the Computer Science and Information Systems Department at the University of Limerick and the Director of the LRC.

Tel. +353-61-213 176
Fax +353-61-202734 (Departmental Fax)
Room No. CS1-28
Email: Reinhard.Schaler@ul.ie

Richard F. E. Sutcliffe received a B.Sc. in Computational Science from the University of St. Andrews in 1983 and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Essex in 1989. His interests lie in Linguistic Engineering, including Computational Lexicography and Lexicology, Corpus Linguistics, Information Retrieval, Evaluation Strategies and Robust Parsing.
Projects underway include robust parsing of free text in English and Japanese, the preparation of parallel evaluation materials for information retrieval and the development of techniques for detecting false cognates.

He has received funding from EOLAS, Forbairt, the Industrial Development Board for Northern Ireland, the National Software Directorate, Siemens and the European Union. He has co-organised a number of meetings and conferences in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing including Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (AICS'92), Natural Language Processing in Ireland (NLPI'92), NLPI'93, International Workshop on Machine Translation, (IWMT'94), Industrial Parsing of Software Manuals, (IPSM'95) and the Joint DCU-UL NLP Seminar (JNLP’97). He is also one of the organisers of the 6th Annual Conference of the North American Association for Celtic Language Teachers (NAACLT’2000).

He is the author of seventy articles on information retrieval, distributed representations, machine translation, computational lexicology, robust parsing and evaluation of language engineering systems, and has given talks on these topics at many conferences.

Tel: +353-61-202706
Room No. CS1-32
Email: Richard.Sutcliffe@ul.ie

Annette McElligott received a B.Sc. in Computer Systems in 1992 and an M.Sc. in Computer Science in 1994, both from the University of Limerick. Following a series of research appointments in the Centre for Language Engineering she now lectures in Systems Analysis and Design, Development of Information Systems, and Database Systems.

Her M.Sc. presented a model for the representation of a monolingual Irish dictionary using an object-oriented approach. Part of the work comprised the transformation of An Focloir Beag from a paper dictionary into a machine-tractable lexical database.

She has co-authored and co-edited many works including a book on parsing software manuals. In addition she has been the co-organiser of several international conferences and workshops at UL, including, NLPI'93, IWMT'95, and IPSM'95.

Her research interests include the Analysis of Language in Restricted Domains, Ontology, Information Retrieval, Machine Assisted Translation, Computational Lexicography and Morphology.

Tel: +353-61-202724
Room no. CS1-10
Email: Annette.McElligott@ul.ie

Anne Keane received a B.A. English from University College Galway in 1969 and an MA from Simon Fraser University in 1975. She has specialised in Technical Communication, and has taught this subject at the University of Illinois, Carbondale, and at University College Galway. From 1990 to 1994 she worked as Editor of the Open Learning Centre, University College Galway. 
Since moving to the University of Limerick in 1994, she has developed and taught courses in Technical Communication at graduate and undergraduate level. She is Course Director for the Graduate Diploma/MA in Technical Communication.

She has acted as a consultant for a number of organisations including the Open Learning Unit, University College Galway (Flexible Learning, eLearning), NetG, FÁS, Udarás na Gaeltachta (ALTENER Project on Alternative Energy), Galway Energy Agency, Galway County Council (re Strategic Plan 2002 - 2010), SIPTU, Regional Higher Education Network and numerous clients in the business and private sector. She is an active member of the Irish Society of Technical Communicators and established its HEA ISTC LIST-SERV on HEANET with Eoin Campbell of XML Workshops.

She is Open Learning Editor of: World Class Philosophy and Techniques (1997), Business Skills and Project Management (1997), and Diploma I gCleactas Forbartha Pobail. Moduil 1 (1998). She is co-author and editor of the following: Human Resource Management (1996), An Introduction to World Class Standards (1996), Human Resource Development (1997), Applied Communication (1997), Introduction to Training and Education (1998) and numerous other Distance Learning and Open Learning texts.

Her current research interests include Course Design for eLearning, Documentation issues in localisation, Information Design, Communication trends in modern engineering firms in Ireland and Quality in a documentation environment and she is the editor or author of a number of works in these areas.

Tel: +353-61-202466
Room No. C1-070
Email: Anne.Keane@ul.ie

Gearóid Ó Néill: He was a programmer with British Steel from 1967 to 1968. He was seconded to English Electric to work on software for computer control of steel rolling mills. He then moved to BP Chemicals where he worked as a mathematician. In 1972 he moved to the computer department of BP Chemicals, where he worked as a programmer.

He joined the NIHE in 1973. He has lectured on several programming languages, Computer Organisation, Data Structures, Databases, Natural Language Processing, VDM, Denotational Semantics, Compilers and Artificial Intelligence, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. He designed a DP Certificate at the NIHE, proposed and participated in the specification of the B.Sc. in Computer Systems. He has also been involved in the specification of other degree courses and was most recently involved in getting approval for a course on multi-media authoring, which is taught through the medium of Irish and is the run in various locations by Muintearas and the University.

He has developed several computer systems, acted as consultant to and run courses for various organisations and companies.

He has co-authored several journal papers and presented papers at several international conferences. 

His main research interest is in the development of computer facilities for Irish, including an Irish dictionary which runs on the world-wide web and on PCs, a spell-checker for Irish and a speech synthesizer for Irish, which run on PCs. 

Other interests include a knowledge-based approach for the generation of CALL (for Irish and other languages); CAL for programming languages and other topics in computing including Software Localisation.

He has received funding from the University 'Seed 'Funds, Forbairt and a generous supply of computers from AST. He co-organised the 6th Annual Conference of the North American Association for Celtic Language Teachers (NAACLT’2000), of which he was president.

Tel: +353-61-202789
Room No. CS1-33
Email: Gearóid.Ó Néill@ul.ie

Kevin Bargary graduated from the University of Limerick in 2004 with a B.Sc. in Computer Systems. He is currently pursuing an M.Sc. in the area of open source localisation, also at the University of Limerick.  

He joined the LRC in July 2004.

Tel: +353-61-213469
Email: Kevin.Bargary@ul.ie
Room No: CS1-036  

Michael Bourke is a native of Limerick where he attended the University of Limerick. He received a B.Sc. in Computer Systems in September 2002. 

He joined the LRC in February 2003 . 

Tel: +353-61-202748
Email: Michael.J.Bourke@ul.ie
Room No: CS1-037

Geraldine Harrahill is the Administrator of LRC. Geraldine joined the LRC in October, 2001. She was formerly an employee of FAS and the National Youth Federation. 

Her main task is office management, which includes maintenance of the LRC's internal database, organisation of events, and secretarial duties. 

Tel: +353-61-202881
Email: Geraldine.Harrahill@ul.ie
Room No: CS1-36

Karl Kelly has a B.A in European Studies, majoring in Spanish and French, and a Graduate Diploma in Software Localisation, both from the University of Limerick.  He also has NCVA and RSA qualifications in Information Technology and Business Administration. 


Karl joined the LRC in March 2003.
Tel: +353-61-202748 
Email: Karl.Kelly@ul.ie

Room No: CS1-37
Karl Kelly

Edel Bohan worked for the LRC during 1998 as administrator, while the centre was based in University College Dublin (UCD).
Keith Brazil was one of the first members of the LRC staff. He worked with the centre in Dublin from 1996 to 1998.

Remedios Ruiz Cascales: B.A. Linguistics, B.A. French & Computing, Post-Grad. Psycho-Pedagogy, Grad. Dip. Software Localisation. Remedios worked on the WebIT/EFCOT research project during 1999 and 2000. 

Joanne Cheung: B.Sc. Applied Maths and Computing (UL) and M.Sc. Software Localisation (UL). Joanne worked on various aspects of the ELECT project from July 2002 until December 2003.

Deirdre Coffey received a B.A in Language and Cultural Studies (2001) and a Graduate Diploma in Software Localisation (2002), from the University of Limerick. She worked in the LRC from October 2002 until February 2005 and was Assistant Editor of Localisation Focus as well as working on the ELECT project.

Patrice Fanning: B.A. Languages and Computing (UL). Patrice worked in the LRC from September 2002 to December 2004, taking part in the ELECT project and looking after the design and maintenance of the LRC websites. She is currently undertaking a M.Sc. by research, also at the University of Limerick. 

Rafael Guzman: B.A. in English from the University of Seville in 1998, a Graduate Diploma in Software Localisation from the University of Limerick in 1999, and an MSc in Internet Systems from Dublin City University in 2005. Rafael was with the LRC for almost 6 years and he contributed greatly to the development of the LRC and some of its projects (WebIT and ELECT in particular).

Angelika Haas
B.Sc Computing and Economics (CDI Stuttgart). Angelika worked for the LRC as Project Manager on the ELECT project during 2002 and 2003.

Thomas Keogan has a degree in Engineering from Trinity College Dublin, a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies from University College Dublin, and a Graduate Diploma in Technical Communication from the University of Limerick. He worked in the LRC as a technical writer and production editor for Localisation Focus.

Adrienne McCarthy (B.A. Business, University of Limerick, Grad. Dip. Software Localisation, University of Limerick) worked for the LRC from July 2002 until October 2002, responsible for content management of the ELECT project.

Bernice McDonagh was one of the original members of the LRC staff, working with the LRC in Dublin from 1996 to 1998.

Conor McDonagh worked with the LRC in Dublin during 1998, both on the Transrouter project and on the Localisation Information Exchange Point (LIEP). 

Antóin Ó Slatara (B.Sc in Geology, University College Cork, Grad. Dip. Software Localisation, University of Limerick) worked for the LRC from 1999-2000 and returned to work on the EU-funded ELECT project from October 2001-May 2002. 

Darina Slattery: B.B.S. French, (UL) M.Sc. Software Localisation (UL). A former research student (2000), Darina is currently working on a PhD at the University of Limerick.

Helen Wybrants worked for the LRC during 1998, as Project Manager for the Certified Localisation Professional (CLP) project.


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