Langauge Technology Kendra

Presentations from LRC XVII

Antoine Rey, Welocalize & Marion Mordenti, HP 
Terminology Crowdsourcing at HP
Tony Allen, Intel
Enabling Multilingual Collaboration Through Machine Translation
Claire Mc Caul, Symantec
Translation in the Community
Shane Nolan,IDA Ireland
IDA Activities in High Growth Markets
Susana Muñoz-Hernández, Universidad Politéchnica de Madrid
Socializing Label Translation for Real Multilingual Software Applications
Friedel Wolff,
Social Localisation For the Rest of Us
Gerry Lynch, Argos Translations SP
Measuring the Quality of Crowdwsourcing Translations - Is it Possible?

An Segaert, VanceInfo & Jonas Ryberg, hiSoft
China, Social Networking and Crowdsourcing in Localisation

Jörg Schütz, Bioloom & Sven Christian Andrä, Andrä AG
Web Services for the Language Industry - The Interoperability Challenge
Andrzej Zydroń, XTM International Ltd. 
OAXAL – How to make sense of Localisation Open Standards
Patrick Hall, Language Technology Kendra
Problems within Unicode for Languages Unsupported by Computers
Sergio Penkale, Applied Language Solutions 
ALS Language Technologies for User-Generated Content
Aonghus Ó hAirt, Centre for Next Generation LocalisationTCD 
An Open Localisation Interface to CMS using OASIS Content Management Interoperability Service
Páraic Sheridan, CNGL
CNGL Towards Global Content Intelligence
Dion Wiggins, Asia Online 
The Evolution of Translation: What LSPs Need to Know to Survive and 
Prosper in the Rapidly Evolving Automated Translation World
Jana Vořechovská, Google
Google+ Localisation