Web Genres in Localisation: A Spanish Corpus Study

TitleWeb Genres in Localisation: A Spanish Corpus Study
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsJiménez-Crespo, MA
JournalLocalisation Focus - The International Journal of Localisation
Keywordsgenre, hypertext structure, localisation of websites, web site comparative studies

Web site localisation, a process that was developed adapting procedures that were already established for software localisation, has grown exponentially during recent years. According to the localisation industry the goal of this process is to produce websites that are received as if "it was originally developed in the target country". Nevertheless, the industry has not yet fully researched which characteristics, conventions or language have been developed and established in each locale. Corporate websites were selected for this study since they are the most conventionalised web genre according to digital genre research, and therefore could show some aspects that have been distinctively conventionalised in the various locales.


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