Integrated Language Technology as part of Next Generation Localisation

TitleIntegrated Language Technology as part of Next Generation Localisation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsCarson-Berndsen, J, Somers, H, Vogel, C, Way, A
JournalLocalisation Focus - The International Journal of Localisation
Keywordscrowd sourcing, evaluation, language technology, localisation, machine translation, post-editing, speech technologies, standards, translation memories

This paper describes one component of a large research project involving industry-academia collaboration between four Irish universities and nine Irish and multinational industry partners, all collaborating to develop 'Next Generation Localisation'. The project as a whole is described by van Genabith (2009); the current paper focuses on on the role in the project of state-of-the-art language technology including text and speech processing, and machine translation (MT) in its various forms. In this paper, we describe the basic and innovative research approach to integrating language technology into the overall design. We will describe research in the areas of MT, speech technology and text analytics (TA), and ways in which these three are closely integrated with each other.


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