Localisation Standards for Joomla! Translator-Oriented Localisation of CMS-Based Websites

TitleLocalisation Standards for Joomla! Translator-Oriented Localisation of CMS-Based Websites
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
Authorsdel Rey, JTorres, de Aldana, ERodríguez
JournalLocalisation Focus - The International Journal of Localisation
KeywordsCMS, communication, Content Management System, interchange, Internationalization Tag Set, ITS, localization, meaning, roundtrip, standards, text, Translation-Oriented Localisation Studies, Web localisation, XLIFF

For a localiser, the shift from static to CMS-based dynamic websites usually involves assimilating a new editing
environment, acquiring administrative rights for the site, and relinquishing the various benefits of using CAT tools.
However, the possibility of integrating CAT tools in the localisation process is now becoming a reality by means
of localisation standards (mainly ITS and XLIFF). In this paper, we introduce an experimental Java application we
have developed for the import/export of multilingual web content for the Joomla! CMS (with the FaLang
extension). We go through the workflow and explain the lessons learnt from our experiments with this and other
related tools. As our research is translator-oriented, we discuss some current limitations for localisers’ work in the
theoretical and practical approaches taken for the multilingual management and translation of CMS-based websites
and suggest some alternatives for the future.

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