Generalizing ITS as an Interoperable Annotation Technique for Global Intelligent Content

TitleGeneralizing ITS as an Interoperable Annotation Technique for Global Intelligent Content
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLewis, D, Finn, L, Brennan, R, O'Sullivan, D, O'Connor, A
JournalLocalisation Focus - The International Journal of Localisation
KeywordsInternationalization Tag Set, Interoperable Annotation Technique, ITS 2.0, W3C

This paper considers how the interoperable content annotation techniques developed to address the needs of
localization processing chains could be applied to a broader class of content processing. We extract the content
annotation patterns developed for the Internationalization Tag Set standards at the W3C. These provide a means
for annotating content with common meta-data that addresses different aspects of content localization from content
creation, through extraction, segmentation, terminology management, automated translation, post-editing, quality
assurance to publication of the translated content. This paper explores the lessons learnt in developing ITS 2.0 as
a suite of interoperable content annotation in the form of a pattern language. Interoperability problems arise when
end-to-end content processing spans different: content formats; content processing tools and engines; and content
processing service providers. This paper aims to make it easier to leverage these annotation patterns in the same
way across these different interoperability mechanisms. In particular we propose annotations that follow the ITS
annotation patterns but address personalization content processing. From this proposal the potential for integrated
localization and personalization processing is considered.

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