In-context online localisation tools: the case study of Reverso Localize

TitleIn-context online localisation tools: the case study of Reverso Localize
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsPeron, C, Vázquez, LMorado
JournalLocalisation Focus - The International Journal of Localisation
Keywordsfree localisation software, in-context localisation, in-context post-editing, localisation, machine translation, online localisation tools, reverso, website localisation


Traditional computer-assisted translation tools have been widely used to translate HTML content, and specific localisation tools have also been developed to allow the process of website localisation to be done entirely online with the help of Machine Translation (MT) and by offering an in-context experience. The aim of our work was to evaluate one of the latter tools (Reverso Localize) according to three EAGLES (1996) criteria, namely functionality, usability and efficiency. We carried out an experiment with model-users who localised a website into Italian and post-edited the MT output. The analysis of our results showed that the tool was very responsive and that its two best performing and appreciated functionalities were the interaction system and the in-context post-editing scenario. On the other hand, the usability between other studied functionalities such as the MT output still showed room for improvement. Consequently, we can infer that under specific circumstances this type of tool can represent a real alternative to applying a professional localisation process, but their limitations should also be taken into consideration, and the technical breach that they represent should not be underestimated either. 

Original PublicationLocalisation Focus - The International Journal of Localisation
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