Service-Oriented Localisation Architecture Solution

Solas Service-Oriented Localisaiton Architecture Solution


The emerging concept of user-driven localisation presents a need for an approach that is content developer centric, on-demand and self-service.

SOLAS (Service Oriented Localisation Architecture Solution) is a component-based localisation platform that seeks to address the emerging challenges of user driven localisation.

This innovative platform empowers the content author, particularly with small-to-medium sized enterprises and NGOs particularly in mind.

The distributed nature of SOLAS allows for cross-organizational localisation. Tasks can be automated by components on behalf of the user, while also allowing them to integrate fully featured applications as components.

Data is shared between the components using XLIFF (the XML Localization Interchange File Format).

Translation eXchange — community translation platform

Organisations that need content translation services may benefit from engaging with their active membership base.

The Translation eXchange is a web application to allow for this exchange to take place.

Download Translation eXchange

A prototype version of the platform is available for download. It may be deployed to your own local machine or server.

This is a server-based application (it is not intended to be installed on your laptop or PC, except perhaps for testing purposes).


System Requirements:

Click here to download Translation eXchange web application source code.

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This research is supported by the Science Foundation Ireland (Grant 07/CE/I1142) as part of the Centre for Next Generation Localisation ( at the Localisation Research Centre in the University of Limerick, Ireland.